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Want to run an herbal business? Own a salon or massage practice? Are you a cosmetologist? These are all some of the students we have enrolled in our program. Our students are people who wanted to expand or change direction by running their own businesses. Many students run spas, salons, and beauty centers and want to add a product line, and others want to own their own skincare company, you decide your future.

New students can enroll here- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-herbal-skin-care-for-business-course.htm

This Heart of Herbs Herbal School Classroom has closed.

The Master Aromatherapy Program contains a more extensive and advanced level of aromatherapy training. This program exceeds the Level II requirements of the NAHA and IAM. Our program is modeled off of European programs, and other countries that actually certify Aromatherapist on a national level. You will find that not only do you have access to excellent aromatherapy materials, you also learn about anatomy, communication, and business practices to assist you with running a successful practice.

New Students Enroll Here- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-master-clinical-aromatherapy-certification-program.htm

This classroom is closing 1/1/2021

Train to become a Certified Aromatherapist, learn how to use aromatherapy in everyday life, therapeutic applications, and the healing energetics of Aromatherapy. This program has been taught in colleges and all over the world.

New Students Enroll Here- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-aromatherapy-certification.htm

This classroom closes 1/1/2022

This course is closed to enrollment. It is an old version. To enroll in the new class visit https://www.heartofherbs.com/ayurveda-certification-program.htm

You can download the course catalog to learn more. 

The course is being offered at an introductory price of $325.00

This herbal training program focuses on the blending or practical and intensive herbalist training. We cover the traditional Heart of Herbs Topics, Internal Spiritual Practices, Honoring the Earth, Intensive Projects and Distance Apprenticeship Models with Demetria.
This program involves exploring alternating facets of spirituality, herbalism and working with plants.

This is an intensive program and enroll includes the Master Herbalist Program, this price for the combination is for a limited time only.


The Certified Herbalist Program encourages the student to develop the necessary skills to practice and live the herbal healing arts as well as a profound understanding of the spirituality and essence of Herbalism.

New Students Enroll Here- https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-certified-herbalist-certification-program.htm

This classroom closes 1/1/2022

Heart of Herbs Master Herbalist Certification Program

This extensive herbal training program contains an Advanced Version of Heart of Herbs. The Master Herbalist Program contains extended chapters and a broader spectrum of the body systems, herbal adjuncts, and advanced modalities of healing. This program is over 1,100 pages long. The program includes anatomy and physiology, herbal practices, materia medicas, formulations, intake procedures, adjunct therapies, running a practice, herbal ethics and so much more. This program is designed to take one from a beginner/intermediate herbalist to one of Master Herbalist education level. A Master standing is a term used to explain your advanced level of study. For students interested in American Herbalist Guild or Canadian Herbalist Guild recognitions the program is approximately 2300 hours or education, hands-on work, and lecture.

Access to this class and all classes on this platform close 1/1/2022

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Phytotherapy Diploma
This program offers a comprehensive education program, covering the following subjects.
Anatomy and Physiology
Botany Horticulture
CPR and First Aid
Laboratory/Diagnosis tests
Integrated Physical Examination
Herbal Medicine
Herbal Body Systems
Advanced Materia Medicas
Herbal Pharmacology
Herbal Formulations
Flower Essences
Research Project
Patient Communication
Business Development
Patient Care Clinic Practicum

This course costs $5567.

Flower Essence Certification Program, learn to use flower essences professionally to assist in mental, and physical health issues and overall well-being. This is an incredible gentle modality.

Want to enroll? visit https://www.heartofherbs.com/heart-of-herbs-flower-essence-certification.htm to enroll and have access to our new and improved classrooms.

This classroom closes on 1/1/2022